Irvin & Andrea, 550 Trackside Wedding

Irvin and Andrea are friends. My friends. We’ve shared meals, laughs, long talks, and most recently: a wedding day. This day had been a long time in the making, and when it finally came it was so great. Irvin and Andrea had their wedding at 550 Trackside a wonderful location in Lawerenceville, it had a wonderful warm rustic look and was a spacious place to celebrate. Ravi Zacharias performed the most moving ceremony I’ve ever witnessed. He leads an international organization so he is usually too busy to do many weddings, so I consider myself lucky to have been there to experience his moving message.

Guys, I loved shooting your wedding and I know that it is just the beginning of a wonderful life for both of you.

So when do we shoot baby pictures?


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Portrait Session: Diana Turns 15

Last Saturday was Diana’s 15th birthday. Now, if you’re not familiar with latin culture you might not know that this a day of major importance for hispanic girls. A “Quince” marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. In order to commemorate this wonderful event, we me Diana and her family for a session in the park. Before we get to the images, I’d like to categorically state that Diana is a wonderful young woman with a warm smile and joyous disposition.

Diana, happy Quince! We cherished spending the afternoon with you and your family.

Now, to the images.


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Malena & Joshio: Anniversary In The Park

They look at each other and smile, they laugh, they joke, they love. That’s who they are, a couple madly in love. I had only just met them for a few minutes but right there and then I was sure it’s probably been the same way for the past 3 years and will continue for countless more. We got together last Saturday in order to create something special to mark their third anniversary I just wasn’t prepared for the level of fun we’d be having.

Cool facts: Malena’s sister is married to Joshio’s brother. They are both musically gifted. They love to travel. Also, they love dogs (for this I envy them, since I could not keep a puppy for more than 1 month).


Guys, Happy Anniversary.


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Marcela’s Quinceañera

I’ve know Marce for a few years now, and through each of those years she’s grown and matured into a wonderful young lady. I’ve watched her go from picking up the guitar for the first time, to leading worship at church. Everything that she devotes herself to do, turns out great. I was glad to have the opportunity to attend her Quinceañera and witness another milestone in her life. Here are some images from that night.

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Angelica Torres Sneak Peek

I’ve been holding on to these two images for some time now. My sister-in-law has been working on her debut album (see here) and I took some pictures for the CD. I was waiting for the project to be complete before posting anything but the cat is out of the bag now, so here they are. I’ll be posting more from this shoot later so stay tuned! Angie looked great for the shoot partially thanks to Sarai Trammell a fantastic makeup artist. If you need a make up artist, she would clearly be a fantastic choice.


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