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Marcela’s Quinceañera

I’ve know Marce for a few years now, and through each of those years she’s grown and matured into a wonderful young lady. I’ve watched her go from picking up the guitar for the first time, to leading worship at church. Everything that she devotes herself to do, turns out great. I was glad to have the opportunity to attend her Quinceañera and witness another milestone in her life. Here are some images from that night.


Atlanta Event Photography: Diego’s Drumming Recital

It was HOT, but it was awesome. The temperature in the facility where my man Diego was having his graduation recital was off-the-scales hot. About 30 minutes before the show a power outage hit the building and everything was just a bit off, including the AC. It didn’t matter though, because once Diego started playing everyone was just enjoying themselves.

Congratulations Diego. You did it. Fantastic performance.