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Irvin & Andrea, 550 Trackside Wedding

Irvin and Andrea are friends. My friends. We’ve shared meals, laughs, long talks, and most recently: a wedding day. This day had been a long time in the making, and when it finally came it was so great. Irvin and Andrea had their wedding at 550 Trackside a wonderful location in Lawerenceville, it had a wonderful warm rustic look and was a spacious place to celebrate. Ravi Zacharias performed the most moving ceremony I’ve ever witnessed. He leads an international organization so he is usually too busy to do many weddings, so I consider myself lucky to have been there to experience his moving message.

Guys, I loved shooting your wedding and I know that it is just the beginning of a wonderful life for both of you.

So when do we shoot baby pictures?



Sarai + Christopher

Took this at Sarai and Christopher’s wedding. I was there taking video mostly (coming soon), however, I did stray from my mission. Enjoy!